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7 Hillz Gro

 I am G. Taylor, owner of You can follow my entire movement and culture here!
Subscribe to  for NFT Music, NFT Art, and Cannabis Culture. We are the Art House Label of the future with no physical location yet but in the hearts and minds of all the brands, artists, musicians, developers, and communities we serve. I promise you want to be a part of this.



Emily Cartoons

 My name is Emily Caesar, and I have been an animator and illustrator since 2004. I graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle that same year, and have lived in many places since then. Now, I am back in my hometown in Los Angeles, CA. I create videos and artwork that are mostly used for educational and informative/marketing purposes. I also illustrate images for textile and product companies that range from kids clothes to adult designs. I have experience in marketing on social media as well, with either managing the content or producing the material used in the campaigns. The material can be short ads, images, or full animated series. I enjoy following the data and figuring out the most cost effective way to advertise a product or message. I have managed websites content/pages as well and I can make a full campaign that covers all the media platforms.



Steven Shaquille Dillard a.k.a KWA$I (born June 19, 1994) is an entrepreneur,
producer, recording artist, and songwriter. His main goal in life is to leave a mark on every industry that he enters. This means building in the web3 space, business world, and music industry with a vengeance, while upholding a code of ethics.
KWA$I co-founded Colorado Community Staffing (August 2021).
He is currently running the staffing company, building the infrastructure for the Karma brand, and working on new music that will be available as free NFTs.


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