Karma♾ (KRMA)

 About Karma Coin

 Karma♾ is a token created to be used within the Prayer Money and 7 Hillz Gro ecosystems. 
Holding 750,000 Karma earns you Milk🥛 reflections with every buy/sell. 

The token will be utilized to, purchase merchandise, music, goods and services within our social network. Karma♾ will be used as an onboarding tool, for tokenizing the culture and creating a commonwealth of integrity. “What goes around comes around.”

Token Contract Address:



Total Supply: 420 Million Karma♾ (KRMA) 

2% Milk🥛 - Reflections

Just by holding 500,000 KRMA♾, you will automatically earn Milk🥛 on every buy and sell. 

3% | 5% Karma♾ - Auto Liquidity 

Each buy (3%) and sell (5%) builds up our Karma♾ liquidity pool supply. Not only do you earn Milk 🥛, but the pool grows with each transaction also!

2% | 1% Karma♾ - Marketing

The Karma♾ team is actively involved in the community, building and working towards putting the funds to best use empower the community! 2% (Buy) and 1% (Sell) are attributed to our marketing wallet.


1% Karma♾ - Burn

With every sell, 1% of the transaction is burned, sent to the dead wallet. 



How To Buy

In order to purchase Karma♾, it does involve a few steps. Don’t worry though, we’re here to walk you through the process! 

After your first purchase, it takes less than 5 minutes!


 1) Download a Crypto wallet if you don’t already have one.

Metamask is the most widely accepted, while Coinbase Wallet offers a connection to Coinbase, allowing you to purchase Crypto easily. 

2) Add Polygon Network To Metamask

If you are using Coinbase Wallet, skip to Step 4. Go to your settings in Metamask and select Networks. Click the blue Add Network, and copy the settings as follows:

Network Name: Matic Mainnet

RPC Url: https://rpc-mainnet.maticvigil.com/

Chain ID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.matic.network/

3) Add Karma♾ Coin to MetaMask

On Metamask you will see "Don't See Your Token?" below the token balances in your wallet. Click that, then paste the Karma token address into the field as shown. The Symbol and Precision will auto-populate.

4) Purchase Matic (Polygon Network)


There are a few different ways to purchase Matic, but ALWAYS ensure it is the Polygon Matic, and not the ERC-20 Matic.

 You can purchase Matic on MoonPay or ChangeNow with a credit/debit card and send it to your crypto wallet.

 You can purchase Ethereum on Coinbase Wallet, then bridge it to Wrapped Ethereum using Umbria Bridge (Bridge ETH from Ethereum to Polygon). From there, you can convert the WETH to Matic directly in your wallet, or use Quickswap (WETH > Matic)

5) Swap Matic for Karma♾ (KRMA)

Always ensure the address is: https://quickswap.exchange/ and that there is a Green Dot above the box to swap tokens.

In the From box, select Matic. In the To box, paste the Karma contract address and the token will display (click the blue add next to the name to save to your Quickswap Database).

Enter the amount of Matic you would like to swap, then confirm the transaction. Boom! You are now a Karma (KRMA) holder, welcome to our Community!

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