NFT Staking

NFT staking on Karma♾ Coin is now here!

 We have launched staking on Karma♾, starting with the Buddie The Giraffe Collection! If you are a current holder, follow the 3 steps outlined below to claim your tokens.

If you do not own a Buddie🦒, no worries! You can mint one for 12 Matic here!

You will need at least 0.4 Matic in your wallet. Upon the initial claim of your tokens, you will receive 100 Karma♾ for each Buddie that you own. 5 Karma♾ Tokens a day will start to accumulate every day thereafter! (You do not have to claim your tokens every day. Only the initial 100 claim, then you can check and claim whenever you would like)


Step 1

Make sure your wallet is connected to the Polygon Network (Matic). If you need the steps to add this network to your Metamask, click here.

Go to the Staking Page (in your wallet's browser if on mobile), and connect to the website. STAKING PAGE


Step 2


Enter the # of the Buddie that you own, then click Check to see the amount of tokens that have accumulated. Note that you will have to do steps 2 and 3 for each Buddie that you own individually.


Step 3

Click Claim and sign the transaction with your wallet. Once the transaction is successful, the page will show 0 Karma unclaimed! (You may have to click Check again if you don't see the number update after claiming).

If you need the information to add the Karma♾ token to your MetaMask, click here.


Boom, You've claimed your Karma♾!

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